TAO (타오)


Name : Huang Zi Tao / Edison Huang (황지타오)

Super Power (Badge) : Time Control (Hourglass)

Birthday : May 2, 1993

Height : 185 cm

Blood Type : AB

Hometown : QingDao, Shandong, China

Position : Main Rapper

Knows : English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Hobbies/Specialities : Singing, Playing Basketball, Exercising, Martial arts, Sword dance

Introduced as EXO : December 28, 2011

Tao Photos Predebut

Tao Videos Predebut




Tao Facts:

  • joined SM in 2010 by SM Audition in QingDao
  • loves blue color, Western food, basketball and black cat
  • his phone case color is white
  • Favorites:

o    Music: R&B, Hip Hop

o    Sport: Basketball

o    Animal: Black Cat

o    Color: Blue

o    Food: Western Food

  • a fan of Edison Chen, MC HotDog, Jackie Chan, Bryant, and Shawn Carter
  • interested in acting in an action movie
  • won first place in a free style rapping competition when he was in Hongkong
  • his favorite music are Hip Hop and RnB
  • a crying baby and has a lot of aegyo
  • a very conservative person
  • shares room with Xiumin in China
  • ideal type of woman is pretty, has a nice body and a nice personality
  • in Korea, he shares room with the manager because at the beginning Tao’s Korean wasn’t that good so he needed to learn more Korean and communicate
  • titled himself as EXO’s Kungfu Panda who can sing, rap, and dance


  • Beijing 3rd Annual College Street Jam: Top Rap Award
  • Second Annual Collegiate Street Jam: Dance Honors
  • International Wushu Competition: 3rd Place
  • Qingdao Broadcasting Wushu Sword Competition: 1st Place
  • Beijing 3rd Annual College Street Jam: Top DJ Award
  • HK Music Festival Free-Style Rap: 1st Place

Thanks to: @EXOnesia & @Onexoplanet



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