LAY (레이)

Name : Zhang Yi Xing (장이싱)

Super Power (Badge) : Healing (Unicorn)

Birthday : October 7, 1991

Height : 179 cm

Position : Vocalist, Main Dancer

Hometown : Changsha, Hunan, China

Blood type : A

Hobbies/Specialities : Playing computer, Guitar, Piano, Dancing, Master Language in Chinese and Korean

Introduced as EXO : January 17, 2012



Lay Photos Predebut

Lay Videos Predebut





  • appeared in 2005 2nd place Star Academy (Hunan Economic TV)
  • filled in for Jonghyun during 2010 SHINee’s concert tour in 2011
  • was a local child star in China, and made guest performances in various Chinese variety shows
  • supposed to be EXO-M’s leader but it was changed to Kris
  • shares room with Chen in Korea
  • shares room with Luhan in China
  • an all-rounder
  • loves tidbits and likes eating junk foods
  • pointed as the funniest member in EXO-M, but he revealed that even when he’s not telling joke the members laugh at him because his face is funny
  • ideal type of woman is someone who is cute and filial
  • forget things easily
















Thanks To : Uploader, @EXOnesia & @Onexoplanet


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