[130813] EXO Explains about Sasaeng Fan Rumors


ASIA TODAY REPORTER JUNG JIHEE = Group EXO explains hoe they truly feel about ‘Sasaeng Fans’


EXO recently had their interviews located in the SM Entertainment Building, and they explained some episodes and feelings they had when dealing with Sasaeng Fans.

The term ‘Sasaeng’ is used to describe a fan that tries their utter most potential to invade a Celebrity’s Personal life and is considered  Stalking.

And of all celebrities, EXO is widely known for their large amount of sasaeng fans. You can also find many articles on EXO’s Sasaeng fans easily.

When asked about this topic, the members replied “We do have alot of sasaeng fans. But we see that as them wanting to give their undying love and attention to us, so we are thankful,” then stated carefully, “However, we would appreciate it if you calmed down just a little bit.”

They also said, ” We wish our sasaeng fans would keep proper street etiquette and manners. There are times where we have foreign schedules, and some people would buy the same flight ticket as us and take pictures of us. Not only is it very uncomfortable for us, it is also a burden for the people on the flight, and many times we feel very burdensome and sorry to the people.”

The continued and stated, “We are also thankful that fans come to our dorms, but we do not appreciate it when fans go overboard and harm the residents and we feel horrible about that. There are people who sleep on the streets in front of our dorms, and that is very dangerous. Please keep the safety regulations and if you keep that and come to meet us, we’ll be very thankful.”

When asked about the Sasaeng that recently was rumored to have shaved her head to meet the boys in the restrooms, they explained, “Recently there was a ‘female’ fan who supposedly shaved her head to come into the men’s restroom to meet us, and
it’s true that people come into the restroom to talk to us and take pictures of us, but that picture is actually a picture of a male fan.”

Although they debuted last April and it has been 1 year and 4 months prior to their debut, they still do not have an official fanclub.

When asked about this, they said, “We are planning to make an official fanclub this year.”

In other news, EXO is currently promoting their Repackaged album with their title song ‘Growl’.


Source : Asiatoday

Trans. kkamdyo(tumblr) @ SMent_EXO

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