There’s an unknown figure in Growl MV!! Ghost?!!!??~ LOL








Take a oneshot filming with no edit or NG it’s a bad idea but good too..

But  I Love it.. Exo doing good.. ^^)b

Wish more luck for Growl ..


17 thoughts on “There’s an unknown figure in Growl MV!! Ghost?!!!??~ LOL

  1. why if it’s a ghost than he’s still the till 2:55 -_-
    back then, i believe it cause it’s in the old school, but, then i realize, that’s it’s impossible that a ghost will stand in a long time…

  2. there’s rumour that he’s a crew who controll the lighting. but if he had to controll the lighting, why “that man” just appear in korean version ?

  3. Ppl keep saying is staff or something,
    I don’t give it a shxt
    It is beCause they re shooting in almost 360 degree,
    Even though they are now shooting (towards window side),
    And meanwhile saying another 2 seconds, and camera is back to the other side
    I m mentioning that is a time they are swiping from 1 group to second group (shooting Sehun then he turned the camera back to other side)
    The point I am trying to make here is

    Firstly, the dancing sence is almost 360 degree should be capatured , the staff would know that and will try to prevent any possibility to catch themselves in the sence

    Secondly, I don’t think any staff will be in the sence while they are shooting , i Mention earlier that sence switching really just only 2 seconds or less, u can see there is no one standing here on the wall and back to the reflection ” there u go ”

    Thirdly, people should look at the camera, it is located in the centre, even u will argue that staff is capable to avoid those 2 secs (@@ super man ?) the place is no other block and just a big room, the camera can capture the whole room. Or actually those staff are hidding at the back of carmera man at the rest of time ??? Think about this ” absolutely ridiculous”

    I m kind of taking really serious here, but I believe that is a PERSON FROM UNDERGROUND.

  4. EXO explained in Shindong’s show, he was the lighting staff, that doesn’t know that they’re filming a rotation MV. xD

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