[STAFF DIARY] 130725 – EXO Undisclosed Photo Old & New ~~!!!

You waited a long time.

In order to keep the promise we made with everyone, we came back with undisclosed EXO photos.

As long as it took for you to wait, I will specially split the undisclosed photos as OLD & NEW VER.
Today is first!!! I will leave you OLD VER.

Now~!!! Shall we start?
Here we go~!!


Scene of EXO maknae Sehun’s surprise birthday party!!
Sehunie’s, who receives all the love from the hyungs, birthday party was the first, that we spent with the fans.

Main character Sehunie and Kai hyung who wanted to be the main character~!!
Looking at Sehun’s party in the pictures, it seems like a joint party of Kai and Sehun~ ㅎㅎ


EXO-K’s ‘MAMA’ last broadcast special event~!!
The affection-filled messages that were sent to the fans, with a pretty side like this, they, letter. by letter. sincerely wrote the messages.
Everyone who was with them on the last broadcast, you all received it well right? ^——^


2012 that year, November that pierced everyone’s heart with the longing for EXO
Kris’s amicable birthday party that was met on his birthday, November 6th~!!
Xiumin who reminded us of a runway while showing us his cool walking~!!
Reversal charm!!! Kris’s gwiyomi!
Lastly, it was EXO-M whose greeting is also disciplined.



EXO-K that we were able to meet at Chanyeol’s birthday party, which was on the same month November 27th
We had a HAPPY time with Chanyeol, who ate a handsome fruit, and members, who had 100% application sense that made our eyes have an enjoyable time.




Fire boy and light boy who are spending a friendly time with a cat~!!
With a Kodak moment that shows Chanyeol and Baekhyun’s pure innocence~!!

Deer Luhan who has found a camera~!!!
If you look at Luhan before.after he found the camera, you will all deeply fall for Luhan’s charms~!!



Already~ you guys have fallen in love~~!!! Awouuuu~~

This is the end of EXO Old VER. that was released today~

I will give you a notice for the second, EXO New VER. which I promise will come a better story, that will be released next time, that New VER. will have a special visiting photographer’s – nickname: Voice PARK, pictures for the majority of them.

We also request a lot of interest and love for EXO ‘Growl’ promotions that EXO will have to find everyone with a new side next week.

Thank you 🙂








source: EXO-K’s Official Website
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr



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