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Just the members are already 12 people, adding the staffs would be over 30 people. As the most popular group nowadays, their schedule is definitely killing. Before the photoshoot, they had a schedule in the music show. However, this isn’t the end. There is still the recording for their follow up song waiting for them after this. It is worrisome. We were thinking whether we should go on with the photoshoot since they were in a tried condition, but they are professional.

With the condition of them just waking up, they still greeted the staffs lively, thus making the photoshoot fun. There are many people who had been witn EXO. First of all, we want to thank the stylist Kim Bong Beom, was being loyal in this time of photoshoot, Jeong Sanghui the promotion leader, Lee Seung Hwan the management manager, the hair-makeups Park naeju, Hyeon Yoonwu, Jo Mihye, Choi Yunjeong manager on this page.


Interview session :

Nowadays you are receiving a lot of love. You even won first place on a music show, right?

(Xiumin) We didn’t expect it. We couldn’t believe it that we were astounded for a while.
(Suho) Last time we didn’t know why idols would cry when they won 1st place. But then we were like that as well. We were really happy.


You were divided into K and M during promorions for MAMA. What is the difference between promoting as 6 members and 12 members?

(D.O) We can show a much better performance on stage. Personally, we feel more confident with 12 members.
(Tao) I also like it better when we are 12 members. There are a lot of funny things since we are almost the same age. We get along like friends, though the problem of using washroom is still a bit hard. Haha.


The brother relationship between you guys is very thick. Do you play and do things together?

(Kris) We go eat delicious food and shopping together. We always separated into K and M when we play basketball and M always win.
(Suho) Since the members are all boys, so we often exercise. We enjoy riding bicycles and running at Hangang. There is also a member that went to Hangang for the first time in his life because of me.


Is it the same promoting in China and Korea?

(Lay) There’s not really much of a difference. Just that we can meet a lot of fans in Korea. In China, the area is very wide, so there are restrictions on the movements as well.


The performance of Wolf is very unique. Especially the first part really gives a deep impression.

(Kai) The choreography for Wolf is really unique. We expressed Tree, wolf cave, wolf sliding and more through the dance. The introduction was the tree dance. We have to move like flaccid at the first part. It shows how the tree is moves when the wind comes. That’s why we don’t put energy on the end of our fingers. We also have to dynamically to make even the hands look like they’re alive.


If you need to pay attention on the details, doesn’t that mean you have to practice longer?

(Chen) We practice all day long. Cut out the sleep time and eating, we spent the rest to practice.
(Baekhyun) There are differences between each members, I’m the members that took a long time. Others took 4-5 years, I took 1 year to debut. So, I worked harder to catch up on them.


Aren’t you tired? You are at the age were you should be playing.

(Chanyeol) Of course we are tired. But we never thought of giving up. The same goes to the other members.


The Chinese members having hard time living in other country.

(Lay) It’s a bit hard when I look at the pictures of my grandmother and grandfather. And when I want to eat Chinese food.


We heard that you have powers.

(Kai) There is power of teleportation, time control, healing and more. Of course we don’t have such ‘powers’ in real life, it’s only our concept in the music video for MAMA only.


What if you really got the power, when will you use it?

(Lay) if I really had the power to heal, I would go to the hospital everyday to heal sick people after finishing the schedule.
(Luhan) My power is telepathy. I want to stop Kris so that he could not fly. haha.
(Tao) My power is time controlling. I wish I could stop it during sleeping time. These days, we have so many schedules that we could not sleep.


What time did you wake up today?

(Luhan) 6 o’clock in the morning. Since we have many members, it took us along time to get ready. Actually, I’m a bit sleepy right now. (The interview with L’Officiel Hommes is at 11pm)


You must’ve been very tired. Then when is your happiest time in a day?

(D.O) When we go home after finishing schedule. I thought ‘Ah, at last I can sleep!’.
(Chen) Huh? I like it the best when I’m eating.
(Baekhyun) When standing on stage. During that time, I feel like the time passes really fast. But during waiting, I feel bored.


What would you do if you get to have vacation?

(Xiumin) I’m going to play really hard. Meeting friends, eating delicious food.
(Chanyeol) I want to go vacation with my family at the beach.


There are many boy groups these days. What is the thing that only EXO have?

(Kai) Uhm…. Visual? Aren’t all the members good looking? Haha.
(Xiumin) The 12 members have different charms. We have the most members compared to other boy groups. I think that’s our charm.
(Baekhyun) Different members singing the same song in Korean and Chinese. I think that’s our charm.


Have you thought about the EXO in the next 10 years?

(Chanyeol) After 10 years, EXO will still be promoting. Taking the challenge in variety solo schedules. (D.O) We should be preparing for memorial concerts, don’t we?
(Chen) The concert for 10 years must be special. I think we might be doing EXO’s own world tour concert.


Lastly, do you have anything you want to say to your fans?

(Sehun) I won’t talk long. We’ll be together till the end. Haha.




Source : Namoo_Kkun, xoxyxyz
Translated by Maknae_Rachel @ SMent_EXO
Please take out with full credits !


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