CECI June Issue – Baekhyun

Charm appeal:  A bundle-of-fun vocal who is well suited to eyeliner.


5/6 (day of interview) birthday thoughts: I’m very pleased that promotional interview and shooting coincides with my birthday. If I were to pick out a song on a day like this, I’d say Soul Star’s ‘Happy Birthday’. It’d be even better if the fans would sing it for me.


Comeback album hint: A group dance that took 8 hours to learn day by day, and practiced individually for four hours each day. As long as it took to complete it, I wish they’d acknowledge that it took just as long and just as much preparation to make it.


A compliment you’d like to hear: Just as I thought! They didn’t take so long for nothing!


When I search ‘Baekhyun’ on the internet: IT was fascinating to see all the photos that were collected from debut up to now. Seeing them, I realized with tears that my ch e e ks are getting plumper.


Have you ever commented? No?: I’ve been hit with such temptation when people assume I’m shorter than Suho hyung and Chen.


Every time you look into the mirror: I check if my face is swollen. Especially when I look at Chanyeol I agonize over why my eyes are so small, but I think it’ll do.


If I were to introduce a female cousin to a member: I’d introduce her to the mature, smart, and exemplar leader Suho hyung. I’d feel bad for the other members I can’t introduce her to, so I’ll just keep my opinion to myself.


A type that makes you swoon: A straight-set, virtuous mind, well-mannered, and a woman who smells nice.


If I were to propose: After I purchase her favorite flowers in fake ones, I’ll kneel and say ‘These flowers are johwa (T/N: fake). I joh-ah (T/N: like) you so much. Will you go out with me?’


If you can live as a character in a movie for 7 days: I’d be a childish second generation millionaire. I meet a sober, diligent, and wise woman and turn over a new leaf and mend my ways. It’ll be a movie with a synopsis of a Baekhyun who succeeds at work and love and everything else.


Member’s secret: When Suho hyung gets a slight scratch, he’d whine and pine over it for a month.


A request for all the members: Can we live more neatly?


Baekhyun instructional manual: If you befriend him, he may chatter on and on without giving you a break. When that happens, don’t stress out and quietly put your hand on his mouth. During hard times he may be dazed and blank. This means he’s recharging, so please don’t touch. 10 minutes should be sufficient to recharge.






source: XOXOJUK @ twitter
translation cr; juliana @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits

Thanks To : theexostyle


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