[130616] Staff Diary Update – THANK YOU~ THANK YOU~~


With the help of our fans
Along with KBS Music Bank„ and now MBC Music Core

EXO had won the 1st place trophy.

The reason why this has happened is because of„,

The big love and support ♥

On the live broadcast stage„, the members who had fought off the tears had came off stage and they started to cry. ㅜㅜ_ㅜㅜ

Like this, the reason to why us, EXO laugh„ and cry too„ 
is all becasue of the fans’ love towards us~ 

The cry of the happiness~~ 
With sincerity, we thank you guys again. (^^) (__)

Specially, for the MBC Music Core stage, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and Minho congradulated EXO’s winning„
They also prepared a warm congradulations letter filled with sense and proudness~~~!!

SMTOWN especially has that kind of hoobae-sunbae lovingness~!!! 
With the good result~
EXO was excited to meet the fans at the signning meet thing. 

With that thankful mind„, 
The members had prepared a personal way of saying thanks to the fans that they did not meet too~
EXO with everyone

will make HISTORY and there would be mmore of it~ 

EXO will become hotter/cooler„ and to get more envolved~~~
You, fans~~~ Love us EXO a lot~
“oh oh oh oh- 3-6-5 네 손을 잡고
oh oh oh oh- 3-6-5 놓지 않을게  ♬” 

EXO will want to love you guys~~ Awouuuu~ 
And„, hopefully„ 
if we have a good result at SBS Inkigayo~~~~??
I, too, will have a committment;; I will bribe that and I’ll promise~!! 

Through the time, the picture that we didn’t show you guys!! Hurdle up guys!!


+) Unshown picture!!

Source : Staff Diary
Translated by JDC_LOVES_EXO @ SMent_EXO
Please take out with full credits !

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