130615 EXO, unleashing in commemoration of their 1st trophy since debut

“Our 1st trophy after debut came to us. We cried, but we were really happy. It made all of our member’s hearts so warm. This is all possible because of our fans who patiently believed and waited for us. EXO will work much more hard. Awuuuu~”

December 1st, 2012, TV Report’s [One and only★Selca] has been bringing up Hot Issues since our first target. We acquire unreleased Selca’s of Idol Stars no one has ever seen before, and show them to public, just us. It is charming because you can look on Idol’s hidden private life straightforward, sometimes funny.

Our 29th target is group EXO. It is a global group that EXO-K and EXO-M got together and reborn. EXO is composed of Kai Luhan Tao Chen Sehun Lay Xiumin Baekhyun D.O. Suho Kris Chanyeol and is unleashing 12 colored charms. It will be hard to find such group around. All the members are handsome.

Having their come back by the title ‘Wolf and Beauty’, EXO got 1st place just in 2 weeks. Having their 1ft trophy after debut, EXO burst to tears. They were so innocent compared to the fierce performances they had on stage. We now are going to show EXO’s natural life off stage in detail so stay tuned~
“Chanyeol, Xiumin, Chen and DO didn’t have their make up yet. Their nicknames are handsome skin men KKK”
“Luhan’s side face, Lay’s front shot, and Kai’s playfulness united. Hehehe”
“Chen and Xiumin in front of the mirror. Chen is playful, and Xiumin doing pretty stuff Hohoho”
“Kris and Tao eye fighting! Tick tick~ Can you see sparks going on? Kkk”
“Tao and Kris organized bandana brothers. Yeah~ Red boy Yeah~”

“At last, all 12 members of EXO in one place~ Lets shout out as a whole Awuuu~”


Source : TV Report
Translated by YACHAEJUK @ SMent_EXO
Please take out with full credits !


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